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On January 28 2017, Ashley arrived to a family get-together in order to rehearse a skit for her mom’s 65th birthday.

Or so she thought.

A few family members asked her to be the guinea pig for the skit, in order to practice it before acting out for her mom.

Ashley’s family are no strangers to putting on musical performances, casino nights, or acting out movies to celebrate special events. So, of course, she didn’t suspect a thing when she was chosen to be the patsy for the skit.

“You guys actually think my mom is going to sit in the back of the car?” she had asked before the skit was to take place.

According to her cousin Dave, who came out equipped with a guitar, Ashley had to sit in the trunk of a slow-moving car, just staring forward and not moving her head.

It began with Dave playing what coincidentally was one of Ashley’s favorite songs on his guitar.

But when the same song began to blare out of the car she was riding in, she thought things were getting weird.

Then, friends and family began to appear from everywhere around her, including her mom and her husband, her dad and his fiancee, and her best friends.

It started to become apparent that this elaborate, musical skit wasn’t for her mom’s birthday at all.

And it became super apparent that it wasn’t what it seemed once her boyfriend,Nahder Zomorridian, came out of a makeshift house and walked right toward her.

I won’t spoil this amazing surprise, as it has to be seen to be truly experienced.

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