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I Drew A Story Of A Little Monster Who Just Started Living Under A Girls Bed After Parents Kicked Him Out (23 Comics)

When I was a kid, one of my dream jobs was becoming a newspaper cartoonist. I was a big fan of Garfield and Peanuts, then later Calvin & Hobbes and

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13 Times Artists On Tumblr Were The Best Thing That Happened To The Internet

Tumblr has a strong following among artsy types, meaning you never know when you are about to be ambushed by something cool. Below is a list of times when Tumblr

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17 Facts About The Manananggal, A Vampiric Cannibalistic Woman

January Nelson Updated August 16, 2018 Stories of the Manananggal will make you sick to your stomach. The Manananggal, Explained [*] The Manananggal is a vicious, vampire-like mythical creature that originated in

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These are the top highest grossing Marvel movies of all time

Captain Marvel's Brie Larson is ready to be your new favorite superhero.Image: Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel STudios Every superhero origin story needs a good hero shot (or several), and from

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