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Here’s what makes ‘On My Block’ one of Netflix’s most intriguing shows

Image: disney The video-streaming industry is crowded with big names—some with already-existing services and others with impending apps. Considering the current three largest platforms, the agglomeration of media companies, and

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This robot can sort recyclable materials without even so much as a peek at them

Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images We each carry around with us a little supercomputer that can fit inside our pocket. It does everything we could ask it to do; it checks

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Winter Comes for The Walking Deadand Makes Its Worst Villain a Hero

in its ninth season than the show has ever dareda six-year time jump, the departure of three of its longest-surviving characters ( Game of Thrones characters pray for. (Its shot

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These Are The 6 Most Unexpectedly Compatible Couples In The Zodiac

“I’m a Caprisun and he’s an Asparagus…… are we compatible?” As astrology is growing more relevant to younger people’s daily lives, we find ourselves wondering how compatible we are with

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I Drew A Story Of A Little Monster Who Just Started Living Under A Girls Bed After Parents Kicked Him Out (23 Comics)

When I was a kid, one of my dream jobs was becoming a newspaper cartoonist. I was a big fan of Garfield and Peanuts, then later Calvin & Hobbes and

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13 Times Artists On Tumblr Were The Best Thing That Happened To The Internet

Tumblr has a strong following among artsy types, meaning you never know when you are about to be ambushed by something cool. Below is a list of times when Tumblr

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