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Deadpool Will Stay R-Rated At Disney! And Ryan Reynolds Is Already Crossing Lines With This NSFW Merger Tweet

In case you hadn’t heard, Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, finally reuniting all the Marvel characters at one studio. Some fans have been worried about how Deadpool would work as

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The Weird Science of Homophobes Who Turn Out to Be Gay

2017 has been a banner year for the armchair psychological theory that anti-gay public figures are secretly gay themselves. Never mind the long-running jokes and memes about Mike Pence covering

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Man makes app to erase your makeup in photosbut insists it isn’t sexist

Artificial intelligence-based photo editing tools, in their brief existence in the history of humanity, are off to an immensely painful start. Selfie-editing tool FaceApp clumsily took the torch earlier this

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Kathy Griffin has ugly break with her lawyer over beheaded Trump pic

Video Kathy Griffin’s most controversial punchlines The two previously appeared together at a press conference in which Griffin was meant to explain her outrage over the backlash her photo received

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What Disney could gain if it makes a deal with 21st Century Fox

has been in talks to purchase most of 21st Century Fox, . According to CNBC, Disney would obtain Fox’s movie studio, cable networks such as FX and National Geographic, and

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