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Dogs are the best, but they usually have at least one strange quirk about them.

Some dogs have unexplainable fears, strange reactions to toys, or weird noises that they make in specific circumstances.

Thereare other very common dog oddities, like twirling around before they sit, sniffing each other’s rears, chasing their tails, and getting a little too friendly with your leg why on earth do they do that?

Since we can’t really talk to them, it can be difficult to determine exactly why dogs act strangely sometimes some sleuthing is required to understand their behavior.

Whatever the case may be, we’re pretty mystified as to what thedog in the video below has against windshield wipers.

The footage was filmed in a car in Puerto Rico, while Enzo the golden patiently satin the back.

In the video, there’s no sign that Enzo is a nervous pup, in fact he seems pretty happy relaxing in the way-way back.

But since it’s raining, that means the windshield wipers haveto come on, and the doggy really doesn’tseem to care for that.

Every time the wipers makea motion, like clockwork, Enzo ducks out of sight what danger does he think they pose?

Check out the entire cute clip below of the pup plopping to the ground every time the windshield wipers come on.

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